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LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Iron Motherboard PCB Soldering Repair Tool For Mobile Phone Motherboard Repair



1: just need 3 seconds, you can do welding work
2:The working life is 1-2 times of others tool
3: Sleep function, Energy saving 30%-70%, don’t need add tin to protect solder
4: Independent intelligent temperature control system and heating system, heat transfer efficiency increased by 30%.
5:Continuous welding of five solder joints, the maximum loss of temperature less than 25℃.
6: high efficiency anti-static function, electromagnetic shielding function, can be free to deal with all the electronic components of the special requirements
7: the welding speed is improved, and the production efficiency is improved 30%-50%
8: lower temperature welding,  below 50-100 ℃ than other welding tools, it is not easy to burn the bad components and circuit boards.
9: low temperature welding plus sleep technology, the integration of welding nozzle long life
Model: T12-11 soldering station
Temperature range: 0°C-400°C
Working voltage: 110V/220V
Output voltage: 24V

Maximum power: 75W


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